SeeSense are the principle distributer for the CamDo Solutions range in Europe including their long-term time-lapse camera system solutions based around GoPro camera technology; where lens angle is critical SeeSense sells Back-Bone modified GoPro cameras which allow you to fit interchangeable lenses. The Camdo Solutions range includes three options of intervalometer, a weatherproof case with battery power, bracket, and solar panel. These can be integrated into a complete stand-alone systems that can operate for long periods without attention. They are powered by a 47Wh battery which can be kept charged using solar or main powered USB. Images can be simply saved on an SD card or uploaded to the Cloud, all using the CamDo UI on a tablet or mobile phone.

This solution has proved to be the lowest cost high resolution (4K) system in the market today. It is ideal for may long-term time-lapse applications including for the construction industry, wildlife photography and much more.

Some of the professional products we offer for Time-Lapse projects are shown below.  You can purchase these through our E-shop or ALTERNATIVELY CONTACT US DIRECTLY FOR A QUOTATION.