Back-Bone Ribcage AIR Mod. Kit for Hero 4 Cameras

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The Back-Bone Ribcage Air modification kit is an affordable high quality DIY solution that enables users to fit a wide range of interchangeable high quality megapixel S (M12), CS or C-mount lenses on to a GoPro Hero4 Black or Silver camera.  This makes the camera a more professional device suitable for applications from microscopy through to astronomy and everything in-between. Most popular lenses can either be attached directly or with optional adapters. Built on the GoPro Hero4 Black camera, BackBone’s H4PRO takes advantage of the camera’s industry leading features and quality, only now the choice of lens is up to you!  Used by professionals and amateurs in all industries this camera really makes a GoPro Go-Professional.                                


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The Back-Bone Ribcage AIR modification kit allows users to convert their own GoPro Hero4 Black or Silver into an interchangeable lens camera capable of accepting almost any lens.  N.B. If you are not confident about converting your camera SeeSense also offer a modification service.

The Ribcage AIR is a professional upgrade which enables users to attach a wide range of high quality megapixel S (M12), CS or C-mount lenses or larger format photo lenses by using a converter.  All this is achieved whilst retaining the camera’s functionality and advantages of being a compact, lightweight with built in power and recording.  The high quality machined aluminium parts make the camera more robust and also act as a heatsink for the sensor.

As well as standard shooting with interchangeable lenses the camera is now also suitable for applications including microscopy to astronomy and everything in-between.  We have supplied these cameras for use in film and broadcast, medical applications especially dentistry, stereoscopic VR180, industrial condition monitoring, astronomy, microscopy, and much more.

Used by professionals and amateurs in all industries this camera really makes a GoPro Hero4 Go-Professional.  

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